Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Immigration Lawyer

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Immigration Lawyer

If you want to make a career that allows you to work for human rights, gives you an opportunity to interact with people from different countries and cultures and the authority to practice all kinds of rights, immigration lawyer might be the one which will suit you. If you become an immigration lawyer, you can represent the people who suffer from immigration matters, but it also allows you to help the court of justice to decide the judgment on those who break the law.

The role of an immigration lawyer

Immigration has always been a controversial topic in many countries. Many developed countries like the United States and the UK, experience a lot of immigration cases from the developing nations. It is necessary to maintain a secure gateway for preventing any criminal or illegal immigration process. Immigration lawyers represent the immigrating people in the courts and help them to get the right judgment according to their immigrating rights and obligations. They also suggest courses of action at the court for the illegal immigrants according to their knowledge of immigration law.

Immigration lawyers can be found in different settings from helping individuals to government as well as big organizations. Some immigration lawyers also provide assistance to non-profit organizations. They may also meed the government officials, make presentations, advise the staff and support volunteers in public welfare as part of their duties. In the future of their career, they can also opt for teaching immigration law at law schools, or become an immigration judge, or become a legislative aid for the government. It is a career meant for those who are interested in knowing human rights and international law.

How to become an immigration lawyer

The first thing you will need to become an immigration lawyer is a bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor(JD) degree. A law school will have a separate department for specialization in immigration law which provides you with the expertise. One can also start with the legal internships offered by the law school, clerkships, pro bono activities, and the law school course work.

separate department

The qualities demanded from a student in the field of immigration law are good interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, good reading and writing capability, the ability to understand the situations and come up with rational solutions. You will also need to learn to communicate your case properly with the right research and presentation skills.

What do you need to do

If you are planning to join a law school, it is recommended that you start way ahead of time as it has a vast syllabus, and the better you know about each and every law, the better you will be able to help your clients as well as the court to pass judgment on the case. The fact about the law is that it is abstract, and once you start learning it you can pick out the similarities, differences, and loopholes in the law which you can use to present your cases.



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